Organist Education

Certification and Training

The College holds theoretical and practical examinations for its diplomas annually.

Many College members teach privately or at schools of music and are willing train and guide aspiring organists. Those who have earned RCCO diplomas themselves can provide valuable insight and guidance into preparation for RCCO diploma examinations.


Victoria Centre offers two scholarships.

The National Beginner’s Scholarship, funded by the RCCO's College Development Fund, may be awarded to any person who shows ability and promise as an organ student. The award is $600 toward lessons with a qualified organ teacher who is an RCCO member.

The John and Gladys Hart Memorial Scholarship is available to organ students resident on Vancouver Island. The award is $500 toward study with a qualified organ teacher, plus 1 year membership with the RCCO. The study could be private tuition or study at a recognized conservatory or university school of music.

The application deadline for both scholarships is October 15. Both scholarships will be awarded by mid-November, and must be used within the following year.